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Security Policy

What we do to protect you

Your custom is very important to us. Whether you are an individual or a corporate customer we value your business and are very grateful for the trust that you place in us.

We take our responsibility as a customer facing, financial institution extremely seriously and would like to show you how we work hard to protect you.

Regulatory requirements

Our business is regulated by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC)

At each of our currencydeals4u branches, we work hard to ensure that all of our team are fully compliant with the policies and procedures that have been put in place to ensure that your business and our business are protected.

HMRC governs our bureau de change business including our currencydeals4u branch network and the currencydeals4u online travel money website. Each of our locations is registered as a Money Service Business.

Our Money Service Business registration number is 12846873

Further details of how the HMRC govern our business are available on their own websites –



What this means regarding our relationship with you

From time to time we may request further documentation from you to support the transaction that we are carrying out. This could be in the form of additional identification or supporting documentation to confirm the purpose of your transaction or the source of funds that you are providing.

These requests are merely to satisfy regulatory requirements and you should not be concerned about this. On rare occasions this may lead to a delay with your transaction as we seek to comply with regulations.

At all of our currencydeals4u locations we display the following notice regarding our Anti-Money Laundering Procedures.

Anti-Money Laundering Procedures
  • We operate anti-money laundering controls as required by law. These controls are in place to help stop criminals using bureaux de change to launder money, which feeds terrorism, drug trafficking and other serious crime.
  • You may be asked to provide proof of your identity and current address, which we are obliged to copy and hold on file, to comply with our legal obligations.
  • Copies of these documents and records of transactions will be retained for five years.


Personal Data

As with any business we have a duty to secure any personal data that we may hold for the purposes of your relationship with us. Our internal and external auditors work hard to ensure that we comply fully with the Data Protection Act.

All of your paper records that are held on your file are stored securely on your behalf.


The trust that you place in us is the key to our success. We take our regulatory responsibilities very seriously and ensure that we comply with each area to the letter of the law.

You can trust us to deliver on all of your foreign exchange requirements.